Why You Should Attend This Course?

You will gain the ability to make lasting, positive change in your organization. You are provided an actionable toolkit. 

You will gain these skills:  

• Map processes

• Conduct gap analysis

• Conduct root cause analysis

• Find system constraints and process bottlenecks 

•  Streamline systems

• Design and run performance dashboards 

What previous participants had to say: 

• “Wonderful mentors in the field of process improvement.” 

• “I am beyond impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the instructors as it related to the content of this training. The training exceeded all of my expectations.”

• “In ten years as a government employee, I have never attended a training that was so applicable to the challenges I face at work. I am excited to share what I have learned and to pursue more knowledge on this topic."

• "I think the instructors have really hit on an area of focus that is needed in government" 

Why You Should Send One of Your Team Members to This Course

  • Organizations that engage in continuous improvement are better able to adapt to changing environments and requirements.  
  • Unlock the hidden capacity in your organization. Gain improvement knowhow by sending “go-to” employees to this course. 
  • Course graduates have gone on to lead successful improvement projects in their organizations; several have founded departments of operational excellence.  

Course graduates will help your team:  

  • Measure and improve performance
  • Eliminate work backlog
  • Improve customer service and measure it
  • Reduce process/service cycle times 
  • Improve quality and measure it
  • Measure and increase cost-effectiveness
  • Achieve your goals!

Bottom Line: Improvement projects led by GQI course graduates routinely improve process performance by 25% or more.  

Register with the Governor's Center for Management Development

To sign up for this class, registration must take place through the GCMD, not ReEngine's Academy. Use the QR Code or the link below to sign up for an upcoming GQI Practitioner class.

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