Examine the Fundamentals of Public Sector Process Improvement

ReEngine's Foundations of Continuous Improvement - Concepts course is a 3+ hours live recording of a presentation to over 70 government professionals in varies places in their continuous improvement journey. Ranging from local to state-level organizations that span the continent, these professionals come from every walk of government life.

The course goes through the core concepts critical to understanding process improvement in a government environment. The course also includes over 50 minutes of Q&A, discussing challenges in change management all the way to how to calculate the ideal amount of Work In Process.

What You Will Learn

  • Proven methodologies to improve effectiveness and efficiency!
  • Key Learning Objectives:
  • Constraints management
  • Utility of process mapping
  • Standard work
  • Waste reduction
  • Visual workplace
  • Measurement of public value
  • The potential of continuous improvement to create additional capacity with existing resources.
  • Use of the 5 Focusing Steps to maximize improvement.
  • Focus on your key contributions to your mission
  • Reduce multitasking.
  • 7-Phase Project GQI Method. 

Constraints Management

Understand the underlying concepts behind constraints management and why it is an absolutely critical piece of public sector improvement. See the concepts put to work in front of your eyes in ReEngine's custom simulation.

Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints

See how ReEngine has refined and integrated Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints specifically for the public sector.

Importance of Visual Work

See how visual work management tools such as Journey Boards help teams manage workflow and immediately focus on the resolution of root cause issues and address problem areas.


  Foundations of Continuous Improvement - Concepts
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